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    Taizhou Changda Machinery Co.,Ltd.(Original Taizhou City Changda Machinery Factory) is a plastic machinery manufacturer that engaged in design, development, production and sales. This company is located in the eastern coastal of Zhejiang modern new city -- Taizhou, known as the town of Chinese plastic & rubber and the mould. Ningbo, Taizhou, Wenzhou high-speed road goes through the city, near to Luqiao airport, whether it is trade or business cooperation are all very convenient . My company has more than 20 years of plastic recycling ...

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    Address: No.52-7,Xingxing Road,Hongjia,Jiaojiang District,Taizhou ,Zhejiang,China.    Phone: 0576-85118666    Fax: 0576-85182100
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